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Photographing Iceland


Iceland is a country photographer Tim Flatch loves, and he frequently returns to capture its beauty

Tim Flatch

Iceland stands out as a country I’ve been back to on many occasions. I don’t always spend extended time in countries, but I’ve been back and forth to Iceland.

I’ve spent time in Jokulsarlon, on a large glacial lake in the southwest at the edge of Vatnajokull National Park. I photographed huskies there on another project and I’ve been there working with local farmers. I didn’t get to see puffins and whales, but I have seen seals and other great wildlife.

One of the things I love most about Iceland is its microclimates. It’s a place that’s always changing. You can go from somewhere where there are clear skies, then go to the mountains and have cloudy skies.

It’s that vitality and light and the changing environments I like.

You have landscapes full of moss that covers the volcanic rock. You’ve got lava and places where everything’s volcanic and active. It adds drama and texture and form to the photographs.

And I  also love the people and food. Yes, I’ve had some good times in Iceland.

Tim Flatch shared his experiences with Graeme Green in The Telegraph 

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