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Introducing: The Colour

The Colour

At just 25 years old, Adam Blinkenberg Koch (under the guise ‘The Colour’) has shown us the way to summer sunshine…

Contemporary disco infused with electronic beats, his music is a fusion of elements past and the present. It takes what Koch describes as ‘kitsch charm’, updating it and adding a futuristic twist.Koch admits his music may seem a bit retro compared to mainstream Danish music, but he thinks the scene could do with more ‘danceable’ disco vibes.

Though he has taken inspiration from across the world – naming bossa nova and folk as key inspirations – he’s keen to include Scandinavian style in his work. He says he’s inspired by the overall aesthetic of Scandinavia, creating a sophisticated and laid-back take in equal measure. His music combines the infectious grooves of the 70s and early 80s with modern hip hop and house, and songwriting inspired by artists including Prince, Daft Punk and Jamiroquai. Koch has created a colourful and dreamlike universe of cosmic disco, kaleidoscopic funk and groovy R&B, where sharp modern meets slick soul.

THE COLOUR is a Danish musician. Find his music here.

This article has also been published in Nordic Style Magazine.

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