Recipe of the Month

Recipe of the Month: Sweden

December 2022: Tina Nordström makes a Julbord

August 2021: Niklas Ekstedt cooks oysters flambadou

July 2021: Magnus Karlsson makes gravlax

May 2021: Magnus Nilsson cooks turbot.

April 2021: Jamie Oliver cooks pytt i panna

December 2020: Fia Gulliksson shares five Swedish Christmas tips

November 2020: Rachel Khoo cooks risotto

October 2020: Rachel Khoo cooks boar burritos

September 2020: Rache Khoo gives her take on a Swedish hot dog

July 2020: Rachel Khoo makes a lobster salad

April 2020: Rachel Khoo cooks a sticky Swedish ‘kladkaka’

March 2020: Brontë Aurell cooks saffron bundt cake

January 2020: Fia Gulliksson makes the perfect Jämtland cheese sandwich

November 2019: Rachel Khoo cooks white chocolate and berry mountains

October 2019: Rachel Khoo cooks Wallenbergare burgers

September 2019: Brontë Aurell cooks cinnamon buns

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