This Year’s Best Nordic Music Festivals


MONIKA TUDJA rounds up the best festivals across the Nordic nations this summer, from a Copenhagen street party to an exclusive event on a Faroese beach…

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Copenhagen, 29 May – 2 June

One of Scandinavia’s biggest music festivals is often referred to as the ‘Orchestrated Chaos’, taking over the streets of the Danish capital.

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Gothenburg, 7-8 June

Sweden’s premier electronic music festivals with the very best DJ-s of the genre: international superstars and uprising talents. If you like EDM this is your place to be!

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Secret Solstice
Reykjavik, 21-23 June (TBA)

Lava tunnels, volcanos, and glaciers with amazing hip-hop and electronic acts.

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Odense, 27-29 June

Denmark’s electronic, indie, hip-hop and rock festival, with artists from the top of the charts and pool parties.

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Roskilde, 29 June – 6 July

If size matters Roskilde is definitely the winner. Scandinavia’s biggest music festival is world-known for its wild campsite parties and legendary lineups of rock, heavy metal, urban and pop music.

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G! Festival
Syðrugøta, 11-13 July

A tiny beachfront town in the Faroe Islands plays host to a few hundred festival-goers who come to enjoy nature, music and great company.

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Oslo, 6-10 August

Norway’s biggest celebration of music in the heart is Oslo is popular but very alternative.

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Way Out West
Gothenburg, 8-10 August

MTV’s ‘Most Innovative Festival’ offers world-class music, film screenings, lectures and exhibitions.

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Weekend Finland
Helsinki, 19-20 July

‘The biggest party in Northern Europe’ takes place in the bay area of Helsinki, concentrating on electronic music and hip-hop.

MONIKA TUDJA is a journalist at Festination Magazine.

For the latest Nordic news, follow @FikaOnlineBlog on Twitter.

This article has also been published in Festination Magazine.


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