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“I Love This Parish”: Katarina Bäckelin in Conversation


As rector of the Svenska Krykan in London, KATARINA BÄCKELIN not only organises the largest Scandinavian market in the UK, but a flock scattered from Brighton to Belfast…

Katarina, your office today is something of an operations HQ. Is this the highlight of the year?

This and the Lucia celebrations. We start organising them in January! We have 150 staff to create events for six thousand visitors over three days. On 13th December we book out St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I’ve heard many Swedish voices, but many Brits too…

There are many third generation Swedish immigrants. I love this parish. There are almost twenty thousand Swedes in Great Britain so it’s a vivid community. We have 18,000 people passing through the church every year.

Image result for swedish market swedish church london"

Do you have operations in the rest of the UK?

Yes, all over. In the old days we had seafarers churches everywhere, but now communication is different. We had operations south of the River, but it’s easier to run everything from here. One of our deacons goes on tour every trimester.

Which city has the largest community of Swedes after London?

Well, Kent and Sussex. The whole of the south-east.

KATARINA BÄCKELIN is a Swedish rector.

This article is a Fika Online exclusive.

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