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How We Dealt with Coronavirus: Denmark


Denmark’s management of Covid-19 was to lock down early..


Kåre Mølbak

Denmark’s State Epidemiologist

Denmark is “very unlikely” to be hit by a second wave of coronavirus, said  Kåre Mølbak, which had under six hundred coronavirus-related deaths and was the first in Europe to relax its lockdown. The infection rate and the number of deaths have continued to drop. “With the knowledge we have today, I find it very unlikely that we’ll see second wave,” he explained.

As part of a broader plan to prevent a second wave of the coronavirus, the government said it would further increase test capacity currently at 20,000 tests per day. To prevent a second wave, health authorities will begin more actively tracking people who may have been in contact with infected people and if necessary put some in isolation in empty hotels. Early in the outbreak, Denmark rejected a comprehensive test and trace scheme, partly due to a shortage of testing kits.

This article is a Fika Online exclusive, with information sourced externally.

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