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How We Dealt with Coronavirus: Iceland

Its population is small, but Iceland has recorded just ten deaths during the so far…

Svandís Svavarsdóttir

Iceland’s Minister of Health

Large scale and early testing gave us the critical information needed to tailor our response to the actual situation. Iceland’s targeted measures were moderate but effective, based on science and the best available information at any given time. Effective contact tracing protocols also contributed immensely to how quickly the authorities were able to get the pandemic under control, as 57 per cent of all those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 were already under quarantine, and therefore not contributing to the spread of the disease.

deCODE Genetics’ contribution was essential to the large scale screening that was done among the general public. Landspítali, the national university hospital in Iceland, has tested symptomatic individuals; and the collaboration between the public and private sector in this matter have been extremely important and beneficial in our response to and containment of COVID-19.

This article is a Fika Online exclusive, with information sourced externally.

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