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“We Wanted to Keep Norwegian Nature”: I See Rivers in Conversation

Their song Give Up took them across the BBC and onto Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. Now, the Welsh-Norwegian trio are about to release a new album…

There are three of you in the band: Gøril, Eline and you. Where did you meet?

We’re all from Norway, but we met in Liverpool actually! We were students there and I think we met right on the first day. We fell in love with the UK and now divide our time between Pembrokeshire and Scandinavia. We would have never met in Norway because we’re from such different areas.

Is your identity as a band primarily Norwegian or primarily British?

I think a bit of both. With our name for example, we wanted to keep Norwegian nature with us (hence the rivers). But the music we’ve written has been heavilly influenced by our time in the UK.

Where are your fans based?

They’re mostly in the UK. We haven’t done much in Norway so people hardly know us there.

What Scandinavian traits have you kept?

Well obviously we sing in accents and, being from different parts of Norway, they’re all regional accents. Hopefully you can hear that in the music.

Tell us about Deep and Rolling Green.

It’s so exciting! This is our first full length album and we’ve been working on it for a few years. Most of the songs were written specifically for the album. There are also a couple of songs we wrote ages ago that we’ve tried to make work on this release. It’s been a long musical process.

Deep and Rolling Green is out on 2nd October.

This article has also been published in Nordic Style Magazine.

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