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“I Don’t Need to Rob a Bank”: Sissela Kyle in Conversation

The star of A Very Scandi Scandal (Enkelstöten), the Swedish comedy series that caused excitement on its UK release, SISSELA KYLE says she has more than a little in common with her character, Cecilia…

Sissela, my whole family loved the series!

It’s great, isn’t it! It’s not a parody, it’s very sincere.

It’s a comedy, of course, but it deals with a serious message. You and Jenny (Lotta Tejle) are old women pushed into becoming criminals by bullying men…

Yes, they realise they’re both losers, though they have different ways of reflecting this. Jenny has a broken marriage and trouble at school (where she’s a teacher). Cecilia has a secretive husband and trouble at the hospital (where she’s a doctor). They have a moral discussion to justify what they do.

This is probably one of the only Swedish comedies to travel abroad. Is there something universal about A Very Scandi Scandal?

Yes, I think the ageist dilemma is common in all societies.

Sweden has a reputation for being gender egalitarian, but this series seems to suggest otherwise. Should we think again about its position in the world?

No, Sweden has indeed been at the front of gender equality and gay rights. But there’s still a problem. Women are still in a worse situation, despite being well educated.

Aside from acting, you have a one-woman show. Tell us about that.

My first was called Your Days Are Numbered and was about death. This one is called Number One on the List and I pay tribute to other female comedians. My shows are both serious and funny… so I’m not a stand-up comedian. I’m also a director and I’ve just finished directing a Chekhov play here in Stockholm.

How much of Cecilia do you see in yourself?

A lot! But she pushes things to the limit, I get my kicks in the theatre…

So you don’t need to rob a bank?!

I don’t. When we were filming, Lotta and I were terrified.

Tell us a bit more about filming it.

It was great fun. We imitated a lot of the chit-chat, so Lotta and I really found each other in those moments. We weren’t friends before, but now we’d love to work together again.

Well, fingers crossed for a third series! Sissela, thank you so much.

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the series.

SISSELA KYLE is a Swedish actress and comedian. Both series of A Very Scandi Scandal are available now on All 4.

This article is a Fika Online exclusive.

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