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Introducing: Siné

Siné is a colourful, creative young soul who has lived a nomad life for years, travelling the World as a backpacker…

Siné says she planned to head off for three months and ended up staying out for three years. Siné’s busker lifestyle has developed her identity as a singer: still searching for a path. She riffs of 90s RnB and breakbeats to make  a bouncy, fun universe full of contradictions, funky hooks, hip hop and sunshine pop.

Her latest song, out last Friday, is the ultimate break-up song. It’s a song of girl power, but with a touch of the feeling insecurity that accompanies you when you try to leave someone – or something – for good. In this case, it’s Siné giving up the nomadic lifestyle and settling down back home in Denmark.

SINÉ is a Danish singer-songwriter. Find her music here.

This article is a Fika Online exclusive.

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