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Introducing: Maximillian

This is MAXIMILLIAN: a 22-year-old pop star on the rise… But it wasn’t always like that. Actually, he wasted most of his teens on making bad decisions…

Maximillian nonchalantly followed his father to a Pink Floyd concert at the Parken Stadium, and it was there that the singer had an epiphany to pursue music for the rest of his life. He lived a life on the edge at the age of just 13. And, though it’s a cliché, music did eventually save him. He wrote it all down on Beautiful Scars: a song that made Justin Bieber a Maximillian-fan (a music fact). It became a triple-platinum #1-single, clocking up almost 100 million streams.

Maxmillian is an artist not afraid to speak the truth and flaws of youth. Letters, released in September, elegantly follows up on his story as a lullaby about the fragility of friendship. Having released his debut EP, Still Alive, in April, he’s now a household name.

MAXIMILLIAN is a Danish singer-songwriter. Find his music here.

This article is a Fika Online exclusive.

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