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Introducing: EYJAA

Brynja Mary Sverrisdottir and Sara Victoria Sverrisdottir release music under the banner of EYJAA. They hail from Iceland but are currently based in Denmark, where they’ve been signed by Universal Music…

The sisters released their second track in October, and back then they were still to be discovered beyond the Icelandic and Danish borders. The sisters have been working with Ludwig Bygmann, Sara Ryan and Oskar Nyman, taking backing vocals and making them a focal anchor. The pair have already worked with Nyman on their first song, Don’t Forget About Me (released earlier this year).

Sara and Brynja’s future is bright. Their new single revolves around the emotions of loneliness and the acceptance and beauty of feeling sad. The Wrecking Crew takes off as a blissful classic pop tune but, as the chorus kicks in, it transforms into an atmospheric bop with both folk and country vibes.

EYJAA are an Icelandic duo. Find their music here.

This article is a Fika Online exclusive.

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