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Introducing: Toechter

The debut album of a brand-new, all-female, all-string based band is out now. TOECHTER pick up their violins and violas, layering classical sound to create modern landscapes…

It’s arty, yes. But while the idea sounds pretentious (like visiting a modern art gallery where the centrepiece is a supposedly meaningful stone), these girls are genuinely – and academically – interested in the layering and manipulation of music.

Their name, Toechter, is German for ‘daughter’, and 2/3 of the group are indeed from Berlin. In their first album, the upstarts Lisa Marie Vogel, Katrine Grarup Elbo and Marie-Claire Schlameus capture the power and potential of their instruments with impressive force.

TOECHTER are a Copenhagen-based band. Find their music here.

This article has also been published in Nordic Style Magazine.

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