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Where to Stay: Norway


From a forest hideaway to smart city hotels,  the best places to stay…



Amerikalinjen is a humming cluster of cool, slickly designed restaurants and bars, where guests and fashionable locals eat, drink and play. Most of all, it’s a space that salute’s Norway’s history and flies the flag for all things local, thrusting this underrated Scandinavian city into the spotlight it deserves

Rooms from 1,832 NOK (£156)

+47 21405900,

Kirkenes Snowhotel


An enchanting destination outside a small Norwegian town, and worlds away from urban life. With nearly two hundred resident huskies, accommodation that personifies Scandi chic and plenty of natural wonders on its doorstep, including good chances of seeing the Northern Lights, this is a truly exciting retreat

Rooms from 3,100 NOK (£265)

+ 47 7897 0540,

The Thief


With its glass, granite and gold design, The Thief is the jewel in the crown of Norwegian boutique hotels. With its quirky yet sophisticated mix of furnishings and contemporary art, including pieces by Damien Hirst and the Queen of Norway, it fulfils its mission to ‘steal you away from everyday life’.

Room and breakfast from 2,890 NOK (£246)

+47 24 00 40 00,

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