Track of the Month

Track of the Month: Norway

December 2022: I Want To Hold Your Hand (Cover) by Remington Super 60

November 2022: Bli hos meg by Dina

August 2022: Ja Vi Elsker Dette Landet by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

June 2021: When The Lord by Susanne Sundfør

January 2021: Paris by Dagny

December 2020: Closer by Ane Brun

October 2020: Thunderstorms by Giddy Gang

September 2020: Give Up by I See Rivers

June 2020: Strangers by Sigrid

February 2020: Someone New by Astrid S

December 2019: The River by Aurora

November 2019: Oslo by Anna of the North

September 2019: Haloes by Ina Wroldsen

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