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2018 On Screen

22 de Julio

2018 was another successful year for Nordic film and television in the Nordic countries, with several international releases and an Oscar nomination…

Xander Brett

Best Norwegian Film

Utøya: July 22 (Utøya 22. juli)

Director: Erik Poppe

Filmed in real time, a single camera follows Kaja, a student caught up in the 2011 Utøya attack.

Best Danish Film

In Love and War (I krig og kærlighed)

Director: Kasper Torsting

Based on a true story, the action follows Esben, a soldier who has fled the Western Front and must find direction in a changed Denmark.

Best Swedish Film

Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)

Director: Pernille Fischer Christiensen

A biopic of the early life of Astrid Bergman, the prolific Swedish childrens’ author.

Best Finnish Film

One Last Deal (Tuntematon mestari)

Director: Klaus Härö

Elderly art dealer Olavi is about to retire, but he can’t resist one last business deal.

Best Nordic Series

The Bridge (Bron / Broen) Series Four (Sweden and Denmark)

Director: Henrik Georgsson

One of the most successful ‘Nordic Noir’ dramas ever made.

Best Nordic Documentary

Bergman: A Year in the Life (Sweden)

Director: Jane Magnusson

Behind the the life of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, filmed in 1957. 2018 was the centenary of his birth.

Best Actress

Andrea Berntzen (Norwegian)

For her role as Kaja in Utøya: July 22 (Utøya 22. juli)

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Best Actor

Lars Mikkelsen (Danish)

For his role as President Petrov in House of Cards

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Best Nordic Director

Erik Poppe (Norwegian)

For his direction of Utøya: July 22 (Utøya 22. juli)

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